I’m Back – For Now

It’s funny how often this happens. You commit to working on something for yourself, to getting yourself out there at all, and things in the universe start to shift in your direction.

When I started doing a little game blogging at the beginning of 2016, I had no idea what new directions I’d be headed in later in the year. Mere weeks after starting up (and writing a handful of posts that I think still hold up) I’d formed a writing partnership with my friend Brian.

We didn’t waste any time getting to work. In less than a year we’ve written a short film, a movie for a producer in the Chinese market, and a pilot that we’re hoping to pitch this spring and summer. All that work, along with looking after my son, ate up every minute of free time last year.

That brings me up to now. For various personal reasons Brian and I are taking a short break while we get our pitch materials in order for our big push. (Also, a project Brian pitched a couple of years ago is getting some traction, so I’m setting myself up to be able to help him with that.) I’ve got some down time, from hardcore writing at least, to pursue some gaming projects, and to write about my recent experiences in the hobby.

And, now that I think about it, this is going to be the model for working on the blog from now on… it’s going to be something I take up between deep dives on film/writing projects. The good news is I’m right in the middle of coming up for some air so expect a flurry of pieces over the next week or two! (Or not. If Brian gets the right news, we could be shifting right into development mode.)

But let’s say I’m going to get that week or two…

I’ve got some things to say about Mutant: Year Zero, which I very much want to get to the table this summer. (My wife teaches, so summertime is prime time for bigger game projects). Also, I’m just off of DunDraCon 41 where I ran Will Hindmarch’s intriguing Always / Never / Now, a deft cyperpunk reskinning of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird. I’ll share what happened at the game, and my thoughts on why it appears to be far less known than its inspiration.

2 thoughts on “I’m Back – For Now

  1. Good to see you back my Brother… I hope someday you and I could collaborate on a writing project together. Call sometime ok? Be well!


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