An upgrade for the in-house artist…

Just a brief note to say that since Xander’s interest in the Monster Manual and Irreverent Reading continues, I picked up some supplies for him today. His style is to put a lot of ink on the page, so I got him a pad of mixed media paper. (That should keep his work from curling up!) Also, he’s still tough on pens, so I refreshed his supply of metallic markers. And, I threw in a couple of surprises. Very interested to see what he does with the neon-colored pencils, aren’t you?

upgrade_mainWe had a big showdown over reading the Crawling Claw entry this week. (You’ll be able to read about that next week.) I think he’s getting his revenge by insisting on drawing it. Looks like you’ll have that, and the Carrion Crawler, to look forward to!

Thanks for staying tuned…

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