About Me

Writer. Gamer. Dad.

So just about every blog has an About Me section… but, honestly, I’m probably a lot like you.

I’ve got a hobby I care a lot about, and never enough time to explore it. I enjoy D&D, but I find myself drawn to new games and the thought-provoking play experiences they provide.

More and more I feel drawn to the special camaraderie you find at the gaming table. The collaboration, the sense of wonder, the jokes… whether it’s with my regular group or at a one-off at a game store, there’s something magical about getting together to play. Life has fewer and fewer face to face experiences, so I’ve come to cherish them.

My son is getting older, so I’m able to share my love of games with him. In fact, we have an ongoing collaboration here on my blog. Who knows if gaming will be as special to him, but that matters less than showing him what it’s like to connect with something in a deep way.

In any case having a child is the single most profound thing that’s happened in my adult life.

X_and_me_smallI don’t know if fatherhood has transformed me, but it has forced me to become more patient and accepting. It’s taught me about unconditional love, which wasn’t really part of my upbringing. And I’ve learned how to endure through sleep deprivation and what I’ll call responsibility fatigue. (If you’ve ever been the primary caretaker of a small child you’ll already know what I’m talking about.)

So, stay awhile, look around, and thank you for letting me share my passion with you.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, so I don’t know if you will get this but I just wanted to reach out and let you know I’m not that bad of a guy, I swear…..lol… context is I really love dnd and doing a search to find someone used my name as a character in the exact town in which I lived and my daughter was born was a riot to find out!!!! As well as the first place I ever played dnd 3.5


      1. Still have a few one offs every week or so with friends with 5th ed but ya just to crazy and the stats could apply to the time I spent in Spokane with made it even more unbelievable….I’ve showed like 9 people tonight and they all think you had yo have met me when I lived there for how close it is…lol well game on and I hope this character turns out or did turn out bad ass and was wandering if you could keep me updated as to how it plays out so I can tell my dnd friends that I was created to be in the world we all love to play….and just as a side was wondering if I could post about this on redit?


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