About Me

headshotWriter. Gamer. Dad.

If you’ve come here, I should point out that while I’m an active RPG enthusiast, I’ve crossed into the realm of being an RPG industry professional. I’m currently seeking freelance writing/editing/proofreading work for RPG projects, although my availability is bounded by my stay-at-home-Dad responsibilities.

However, since my son was born I have still managed to stay productive, having edited or proofread these projects in that time...

Eagle's Twilight_smallerI’ve also written an award-winning Series Pitch for Robin Laws’ Hillfolk. In Eagle’s Twilight players explore the turbulent world of Roman Britain as the residents of a fort on Hadrian’s Wall who realize the Empire has left for good. It is available for free on RPGGeek.com here.

I’m slated to work with Legendsmiths in the upcoming months to develop products for their new NOVA6 line. This is particularly exciting for me because it offers the promise of becoming a long term relationship, and represents a chance to work with Shane Harsch, with whom I’ve wanted to collaborate ever since he ran an early version of Narosia for me at GenCon… lo these many years ago.

X_and_me_smallI don’t know if fatherhood has transformed me, but it has forced me to become more patient and accepting. It’s taught me about unconditional love, which wasn’t really part of my upbringing. And I’ve learned how to endure through sleep deprivation and what I’ll call responsibility fatigue. (If you’ve ever been the primary caretaker of a small child you’ll already know what I’m talking about.)

In short, the skills I have learned as a parent, have, if anything, improved my ability to collaborate. (Now if I can only put an hour a night back into my sleep schedule!)

My rates are somewhat negotiable, and vary with the scope and complexity of your project. If you’d like my editing services expect to pay between 1 and 2 cents per word, per editing pass. If you are hesitant to pay for editing or proofreading, I’ll direct you to Fred Hicks’ excellent post The Mysterious Cost of Publishing… Revealed! Fred runs Evil Hat Productions, publisher of FATE, the Dresden Files RPG, etc., and runs his business with commendable transparency.

The salient quote from his article for my purposes is this:

“I don’t recommend underpaying for editing, because it’s completely crucial for a good product and you’ll get what you pay for.”

Writing projects are by nature more complicated, but feel free to contact me if you have an idea you’d like to work with me on… as soon as I can figure out the WordPress widget that allows me to share my info!

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