Why toomuchcontent?


In our media-drenched landscape it happens to almost everyone eventually. You hit the point where the amount of content you’d like to take in gets completely out of whack with the time you have to consume it. It can happen with books, movies, TV, etc., but for me it’s gotten particularly out of hand with role-playing games.

If you’ve made it this far into my little corner of Bloglandia, then I suspect you’re a lot like me. At some point you started gaming, maybe as a young person. You stared at the cool books at the local game store, or online, but you had to pinch your pennies, bitcoins, or what have you, and you had to make careful decisions about how to spend your gaming dollar.

Now you’re older and a little better off. Not rich, exactly, but you’re paying the bills. Now a $50 core book doesn’t seem like such a hit. In fact, now that you’re idly scrolling through the listings over at DriveThruRPG, you’re finding all sorts of cool stuff. You can load up your cart with a week full of reading for $10 if you get some freebies and pay what you want goodies. And, hey, check your inbox, looks like there’s something else great on Bundle of Holding.

And so it goes.

And that’s where I come in. I can help. I might not be able to keep you from buying ever more stuff, but at least I can point you in the direction of what I think is cool. It’s not really my style to blast things I don’t like. I’m a much better and more interesting writer when I’m talking about the good and the great. So don’t expect to find long rants here about why the old edition was awesome and the new edition sucks.

There’s already a place for that; it’s called the rest of the Internet.

So stick around and check things out. I promise I won’t spam you with endless posts. Couldn’t if I wanted to. You have to wait in line behind my overworked wife and a turbo-charged son. But when it’s your turn, dear Reader, I’ll put together something thoughtful, and well-crafted, and honest that may help you decide how to spend some of your precious gaming (or watching, or reading) time.

In other words, I’ll give you a little something to help you stay afloat against the tide of ceaseless and wonderful awesomeness that’s coming at all of us, all the time.