(new) Tip Jar!

If you’re liking what I’m slinging on the blog these days, I’d encourage you to make a small, possibly ongoing, donation to help defray site costs through this PayPal link. Funds will go towards paying blog hosting fees, and upgrading my WordPress account to remove the ad content. (Ads are ugly, right? I think so, too.)

If enough funds come in I’m hoping to hire artists/cartographers to do guest work, pay my son a little for the pieces he creates, possibly upgrade my equipment for the blog and some self-published work, etc., but rest assured that any money that comes in through the link will go back into content creation in one form or another.

In essence, this is my “Patreon lite” solution to make the work pay for itself.

Thank you for the time you’ve spent here, and for your support!

Art by Xander Picard