I’m back!

So, I’m afraid I got swallowed up by the #toomuchcontent black hole. My reason, I’ve been too busy creating my own content to post.

However, with the easing of my wife’s schedule for the summer I’ve got more time to dedicate to things like blogging. First up on the docket is a long overdue play report of a session of Ian Williams excellent RPG Action Movie World. These reports always run long for me, so I’m breaking it up into two parts. Part One will drop tomorrow morning.

Also, there have been some exciting developments on the career front. I’ve got a new writing partner, Brian, and we’re hard at work on a couple of different projects. If the financing and timing work out this summer, he’ll be shooting a short film of a script I wrote for him called Mancetter. It’s not a done deal at this point, so I’m trying to keep my expectations realistic. Also, Brian and I are hard at work on a treatment of an action-comedy for the Chinese market. We have a producer contact we are hoping to “wow,” and if that works out, we’ll move on to producing a script. I think we’ve got a solid concept, but the only thing that really matters is if the powers that be like it.

In any case, I’m very excited about my collaboration with Brian, and I think we’re doing high quality work. If none of the current projects work out, I still think our collaboration is going to bear a lot of fruit down the line.

So, if things works out, I’ll have more to post about film work than I thought I would. In the meantime expect more RPG-related goodness!

2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Well you are an excellent writer and imagination man my friend, I cannot wait to see what you and Brian produce!!


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