Spirit of 77 – Bicentennial Blues @ KublaCon (Memorial Day Weekend)


I’m running a session of the Apocalypse World Engine RPG Spirit of 77 at KublaCon this Memorial Day weekend. (Check out KublaCon here.) The awesome guys from MonkeyFun Studios have given me a lovely packet of prizes to to reward your awesome and entertaining play and your support of their game.

Here are the details…

Title: Spirit of 77 – Bicentennial Blues
Date/Time: Saturday @ 6pm
Duration: 6 Hours
Event ID: 42797
Location: 2063-A
# of Players: 7
GM / Judge: Charles Picard

Last year was the Bicentennial, and all Uncle Sam has to show for it is a giant-sized hangover. What guitar-waving, car-exploding, street-fighting, Snake River Canyon-jumping insanity will birthday numero 201 bring? Can.. You… DIG IT?

Spirit of 77 is an Apocalypse World Engine RPG featuring two-fisted action in a fantastically turbo-charged dream of 1970s funkiness. In this version of the ‘70s Tricky Dick managed to dodge Watergate and “visitors” walk among us. PCs can be Kung-fu fighters, good-ol’-boy truckers, starry-eyed rockers, hardboiled sleuths, and more, all jam-packed into one funky, easy to learn game system.

Session will begin with fast, fun, and flexible character generation that allows you to recreate any figure from ‘70s pop culture. The scenario will take place on July 4, 1977. The plot will emerge from character backstories and interaction between the GM and the players. Come ready to make bold choices and to have some fun.

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