Spirit of 77 RPG – Character Creation Handouts

can_you_dig_itWhen I run my Spirit of 77 convention games, I do character creation at the table. I’m always looking for ways to streamline that process. For my run at KublaCon this year I’ve developed a couple of player aids. One is a breakdown of all the Hooks for each character role and another is a breakdown of all the starting character Gear. I think it’s going to save a lot of flipping around and looking stuff up. My hope is to get to the fun parts that much faster!

The friendly guys at MonkeyFun Studios have given me permission to share these documents with you. Even if you’re doing a regular character creation session, I think you’ll find them helpful. Just click on the links to get access to the files…

Spirit of 77 – Gear Breakdown
Spirit of 77 – Hook Breakdown

Use and enjoy!


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