Let’s Talk Monsters: System Agnostic Imp Generator

Let’s Talk Monsters is my weekly series where I read through RPG creature collections with my son, and we riff and free-associate on what we find.

We’re currently deep diving our way through Green Ronin’s Fantasy AGE Bestiary. We were reading about Imps in the demon listing and it struck me that whipping up a random generator for Imps, who often seem to be funky hodge-podge creatures, would be a lot of fun.

Here’s how to use the table. Roll 2d6 three times to generate your Imp’s affect, “stock” creature, and the appearance/texture of its flesh.

Once you’ve got your results, give your Imp a fitting name, and put it all together like so: Nozgack is a craven imp from mantis stock with sweaty flesh.

Enjoy! And let me know what you come up with….

Imp Generator
First d6 Second d6 Affect “Stock” Flesh
1-3 1 Craven Rat Taut
1-3 2 Silly Dog Chitinous
1-3 3 Lethargic Bat Loose
1-3 4 Greedy Cat Orange
1-3 5 Bored Lizard Cracked
1-3 6 Skittish Spider Seeping
4-6 1 Vengeful Crow Sweaty
4-6 2 Rakish Monkey Shiny!
4-6 3 Dysthymic Roach Silky
4-6 4 Sleepy Mantis Cadaverous
4-6 5 Hyper Any 2 Barbed
4-6 6 Very Hyper Any 3 Writhing

Oh, one more thing… if you’re stuck for a name for your little fiend, avail yourself of the excellent Imp Name Generator. You’ll be glad you did!


This table created using the excellent and simple Responsive Table Generator Tool.

Image Credit: The image above is from Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

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