On the Road Again: a Vehicle Control Sheet for the M1114 Humvee in Free League’s Twilight: 2000 RPG

In Twilight: 2000 a squad’s ride is as important, if not more important, than any individual character. Losing a character can be a big hit to the team, but losing your transportation, and the firepower it mounts, means you are playing a completely different game. (I had a memorable short campaign where we started without a vehicle; I think we struggled through a couple of hexes before we wrapped.)

My players recently started their new campaign with the up-armored M1114 HMMWV, so I put together a special character sheet just for it. The Humvee is a common enough vehicle to start the game with, so I’ve decided to share what I made here: M1114 HMMWV Vehicle Control Sheet.

When I was building this, I tried to look beyond the stat block and imagine what my gang would actually need at the table. In that spirt I expanded out the fuel consumption block in anticipation of the (inevitable?) switch to alcohol-based fuel. In order to reduce time spent hunting through the Players Manual, I made a place for all the vitals of the 1114’s main weapon, the M2HB. I also made sure to include spots to write in the current reliability of the vehicle and weapon, and to track fuel and ammo. To round things out I made sure there was plenty of space on the second sheet to track the ample cargo room under the slant back. 250 Encumbrance Units means a lot of potential junk in the trunk!

Oh, the places we’ll go!

The control sheet also does more than track the overall health of the vehicle. During long journeys my players put their minis on the spaces provided in the schematic to indicate the position they are sitting in. (This is a bit like establishing the marching order in old school D&D play.) In any case, in a game where each action really matters, it’s worth knowing at a glance who’s up on the big gun, and who’s ready to jump in if they get hit.

If things get tactical, we switch maps (and scales), and put a miniature of the Humvee out on the board. When characters dismount, it’s easy to show who’s on and who’s off the bus, and how far away they are from the (relative) safety of their ride.

Wish my guys luck! In a mere session, they’ve reduced their brand new M1114 to Reliability 0, and they are going to have to look for some roadside assistance in the blasted and blighted countryside of Poland.

Acknowledgements: ‘Splosion Behind Humvee image copyright Free League Publishing; and a thank you to Deanna, as always, for proofreading.

3 thoughts on “On the Road Again: a Vehicle Control Sheet for the M1114 Humvee in Free League’s Twilight: 2000 RPG

    1. Can’t remember if I responded yet… so I will risk the double-post. These are Steve Jackson Games Cardboard Heroes… It appears that they are out of print… but you might find some lurking in the aftermarket.
      You might be able to find a pdf replacement, better for your needs!, on drivethrurrpg.


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