I’m GMing Fiasco @ Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA (Sat., Nov. 16th at 7pm)

fiasco-useEvent Details:
Black Diamond Games
1950 Market St., Concord, CA 94520
Sat., Nov. 16 @7pm

Fiasco, the game of poor impulse control, and even poorer decisions, is a great introduction to the world of indie games. Imagine getting to play inside the world of a Coen Brothers film like Fargo or Raising Arizona and you’ve got the right idea. Content is typically R-rated, although we’ll have tools at the table to keep things from getting too out of hand.

I am more than happy to teach beginners! The game mechanics are very light, so it’s super easy to pick up, and there’s nothing to get in the way of the story-telling. Also, it’s ideal for one-shot play.

As some of you know, Fiasco is “gm-less,” but I find it’s good to have a facilitator on hand for new or less experienced players. If we are a player light, I’ll throw my hat in the ring to make sure the game goes.

Has anyone seen this clown?

I’m currently leaning towards the Zany Town playset, which features the trials and tribulations of a troupe of circus clowns. It even comes with a cool handout where you get to draw your clown’s make-up!

This is part of Black Diamond Games new Indie night. (They consider anything that’s not D&D to be Indie, so it’s a wide field of possible games.) I encourage all interested parties to come, but bring something along to play in case we need to split tables! Usually rules light stuff is best in these situations. As with other scheduled BDG events, on Indie Night there’s a $5 buy in that is returned to you as store credit. (Always free to first timers, so come give it a try!)

Priority goes to folks who sign up on the Black Diamond Games Facebook sub-page, BDG Role Players.

Hope to see you there!

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