I’m GMing Death of the Gilded Age @ Black Diamond Games in Concord, CA (Sat., Nov. 23th at 7pm)

GuildedAgePoster_FrontSmallEvent Details:
Black Diamond Games
1950 Market St., Concord, CA 94520
Sat., Nov. 23 @7pm

It’s the last great party, thrown by the last great host of the age. With sex, fame, wealth and reputation all in play, what will your host’s fate be when the last guest leaves?

The Death of the Gilded Age is an art nouveau fiction story-game for 2 or more players written by Nathan D. Paoletta (of World Wide Wrestling RPG fame).

The players attend the last great party of the age, thrown by a mysterious and complicated Host. During play, you use playing cards to guide the course of the party, ending up with the discovery of what happens to your Host and what memories of the Age he leaves behind. This game is casual and extremely easy to learn.

I’d say Gilded Age can comfortably support 5 or 6, but it is not complicated and I’ll bring the materials necessary to split tables.

If you’d like to check out Death of the Gilded Age or any of Nathan’s other games, feel free to check out his website: https://ndpdesign.com/

This is part of Black Diamond Games new Indie night. (They consider anything that’s not D&D to be Indie, so it’s a wide field of possible games.) I encourage all interested parties to come, but bring something along to play in case we need to split tables! Usually rules light stuff is best in these situations. As with other scheduled BDG events, on Indie Night there’s a $5 buy in that is returned to you as store credit. (Always free to first timers, so come give it a try!)

Priority goes to folks who sign up on the Black Diamond Games Facebook sub-page here: BDG Role Players.

Hope to see you there!

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