I’m running Zombie World at DunDraCon (San Ramon, CA) Fri., Feb. 14th @ 8pm


I’m excited to bring Zombie World, which I consider to be an ideal game for convention play, to DunDraCon this year. It supports up to 8 players with character death very much on the table. ZW explores the plight of Z Day survivors with a design that pushes the interpersonal chaos to the forefront. (Also, it’s fun counter-programming for Valentine’s Day!)

Here’s what I put into my description for the convention…

Zombie World is a card-based tabletop roleplaying game about survivors caught up in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, fighting against the living and the restless dead. The game is designed for easy, quick, and intense play. Quick set-up allows players to dive into the action right away? card-based design can support up to 8 for a real pressure cooker experience!

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