Irreverent Reading: D&D 5E Monster Manual – Midpoint Recap!

Fly_Xan_smallThanks for dropping by my weekly feature, Irreverent Reading! It’s where my son and I read every word of the Fifth Edition D&D Monster Manual, riffing and writing about what we find…

We reached a couple of big milestones this week, so we are taking a moment to stop and look back.

In the world of real life responsibilities, Xander crossed over the halfway point of his home schooling. Last Wednesday marked 27 of 54 days he’ll do by year’s end. By the time you read this we will be on the downhill side! It isn’t always easy, but he’s definitely learning. If nothing else, he will know how to use a ChromeBook.

Also, we have reached the halfway point of the Monster Manual. The end of the letter G is the exact center of the book (if you don’t count the two page index). 175 pages of fun!

Based on the fact that we average about 10 minutes/page reading aloud, we’ve invested just over 29 hours in this father/son project.

How much do I appreciate having a son with the drive and determination to do a project like this with me? It’s truly a blessing.

In any case, if you’ve missed some installments along the way, or just want to read the entire series so far, here’s a list of links for your enjoyment.

Rest assured, we’ll be back next week with our exploration of the letter H!


A to B – Banshees can kill anything…
C to Demon – The problem with eating Halfling is you’re just hungry again an hour later…
Devil to Dragon (Black) – Fear the Beard!!!
Dragon (Blue) to Dragon (White) – All the Chromatics
Dragon (Brass) to Dragon (Silver) – The Treasure Eaters?
Dragon (Turtle) to Ettin – The Drow Problem
Faerie Dragon to Fungi – F is for Funky
Galeb Duhr to Gith
Gnolls to Grimlock – “Mean Little Fools…”



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